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Return or Refund

We offer digital services online which we make sure meet the quality and guidelines to our customers & clients.

However, in some cases may offer physical products which for example printed materials from a third party company. The third party company is liable for any return and refund which is subjected to specific guidelines mentioned in their websites. In such cases Simboads Creative Agency does not hold any responsibility for the quality of third party -as per our terms and conditions. We will forward the details of third party for further resolution of any issue.

For any digital products or services. We resect Australian consumer laws and guidelines which indicates- If the goods or service does not meet a consumer guarantee (e.g. where goods are not of acceptable quality), your customer has the right to ask for a refund, replacement or repair. To ensure the quality of our digital product or services we do not charge anything prior to customer digital mockup confirmation. We charge through secure online link or bank transfer which we do with customers concern and acceptance of the quality of work. Therefore, WE DO NOT OFFER ANY REFUND AFTER THE QUALITY OF PRODUCT OR SERVICES HAS BEEN CONFIRMED BY CUSTOMERS. However, we do offer additional services where necessary in case of any issues of problems after the service or product delivery to get 100% customer satisfaction.

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