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The latest updates for Adobe Creative Cloud are out, and they are nothing short of inspiring! The Adobe team is excited to announce the success of Generative Recolor in Illustrator and Text to Image and Text Effects in Adobe Express. Since their launch, users have created over two billion Firefly-powered generations, and the feedback has been phenomenal. What’s even more exciting is that these creative features are now available to everyone, whether you have a paid or free subscription. With the introduction of the new Firefly web application, users now have a playground for exploration of AI-assisted creativity. This game-changer empowers teams to create on-brand content at scale, and the Vice President of Digital Media at Adobe, Ashley Still, believes this marks the beginning of a new era of creativity for all users.

Additionally, with the launch of Generative Credits, customers can now take advantage of AI technology to transform text-based prompts into image and vector creations, which paves the way for Adobe’s commitment to automating the creative process. With Adobe at the forefront, the future is limitless, and digital transformation for creators across the globe is becoming a reality.

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