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How to remove watermark from photos? Various techniques

What is watermark?

A watermark in photos is a distinctive mark or pattern superimposed on an image, often semi-transparent, to identify the owner or creator of the image and prevent unauthorized use or distribution. Some websites provide free watermark services. Watermarks serve several purposes:​

Copyright Protection: They indicate ownership and discourage unauthorized use or reproduction.

Branding: They help promote the photographer or business by making the source of the image clear.

Verification: They provide authenticity, ensuring that the image is original and not altered or copied without permission.

Different techniques to remove water marks:

Watermarks can be removed from photos in different ways. Some are easy to remove but some are difficult to eliminate from the photos where it is too much accumulated with the picture.

However, we have mentioned here two methods of removing watermarks.

When the background is white, and the mark is black:

When the background is white it is very easy to the watermarks. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Select the watermark in the white area where the watermark is easy to select.
  2. copy the watermark and paste it as a new layer.
  3. place the watermark into another or the someone in such a way that it looks like 1 mark.
  4. Apply the filter blending to overlay mode to colour dodge.
  5. Then copy the layer and paste into another mark.
  6. This way you can easily eliminate all the watermarks.

When the background is dark, and the mark is white:

Sometimes the mark is too mixed up with the photo or background.

  1. In this case, we need to find a mark that is easy to trace.
  2. Select the watermark carefully.
  3. You can use the lasso tool or any other tool to select the watermark carefully.
  4. After that, we need to expand the selection by 3 pixels.
  5. Go to edit> fill> content-aware fill.
  6. Make sure the opacity is 100%.
  7. Hit the ok button then done.
  8. If you see any irregularities you can manually fix those small corrections.

See the video tutorial for more clear conception.

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